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PopupCare™ is a membership-based care and coverage initiative. The Pharmacy Care Experience program is driven by our “Care Experience Team,” a group of pharmacists and community-centered pharmacies dedicated to answering your questions, providing your medicine and removing the hurdles, worries and frustrations of getting better.

Popup Care

Membership Coverage Plans

The following features apply to all PopupCare Plans

* Benefits Apply to All Members Within a Care Phamily TM

  • Daily Management and Oversight of Your PharmacyCare TM Provider Network Cost and Experience
  • Access to Our Propietary AI-Powered Digital Pharmacy Assistant Ide
  • Live Chat Support with our Member Xperience TM Guides
  • Board Certified Medical Doctors Anywhere Anytime
  • Access to Our Uniquely Curated National Retail Pharmacy Network of 67,000+ Retail Pharmacies
  • Access to our Board Certified Doctors Anywhere Anytime
  • Access to Our Preferred National Mail Pharmacy Service with Free Home Delivery
  • Guaranteed Predictable and Transparent Rx Pricing
  • Live Chat Support with our Pharmacy Experience Advisors, our Licensed Community based Pharmacists

Best Value

Contact Free Care
24 Hour Doctor Access

  • Includes $0 Virtual Urgent Care Visits with US-Based Board Certified Medical Doctors
  • Free Coverage For Up To 5 Additional Members Which Includes Immediate Family And/Or Loved Ones
  • Includes Three(3) $0 Virtual Counseling Therapy Sessions Per Year
    • 45-Minute Sessions
    • Licensed Psychiatrists And Psychologists
    • $90 per Session After 1 Session

Designed to help today’s families
in today’s uncertain times

Virtual Doctor Coverage
For Less Than $0.28 Per Day

90 Days of Coverage

Unexpected Medical Cost Comparison

Average Market Care Visit Cost
Physician/Home Visit
Urgent Care Office
Average Market Care Visit Cost
Physician/Home Visit
Urgent Care Office

Pharmacy Experience Advisor Services

Have you ever walked away from the Pharmacy Counter and only wished you had more time to speak with the Pharmacist about your medication, or, more importantly, the impact on your daily lifestyle? Or, have you wished you weren't looking over your shoulders wondering if you were taking too much time at the counter while folks listened in? Well, that's exactly what we've experienced... so, we're doing something about it!

PopupCare™ brings directly to your Mobile Phone for the first time, a unique experience for our members by providing Virtual Access to Licensed Mobile Pharmacist. With a focus on your care experience and not the dispensing of your prescription, our Pharmacy Experience Advisors, who have operated as Community Based Pharmacists, are available away from the counter Anywhere Anytime.

Our Pharmacy Experience Advisors are standing by for you, the member, before, during and after your care visits - or before or after you pick up or receive your mail prescription from your dispensing pharmacy. Think of our Pharmacy Experience Advisors as a Member of your PharmacyCare™ Team, working to harmonize your Pharmacy Experience with your Doctor and Dispensing Pharmacist.

Your PharmacyCare™ Experience is powered by our team of Highly Trusted Community Based Pharmacists that are passionate about your Care Experience, no matter where your care journey begins or ends.

Get this: You have a Pharmacist Advisor in your pocket!

PopupCare Rx Tips

Ask your physician if there is a generic version of the medication that you have been prescribed. This can save you considerable money.
Physicians may have samples of the medication being prescribed to you. Ask if there are samples available since they can help offset some of your cost.
Getting your prescriptions filled via mail order may save you money.
Ask your physician about a 90 day vs 30 day supply. Three month supplies are usually cheaper than one month supplies.
Review your current medication regime with your physician every 6 months to make sure you're not taking medications that may no longer be needed.

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We believe that our MobileCare based care experience which harnesses the use of cutting edge technology is poised to help eliminate the frustrations associated with seeking care when Unexpected Healthcare Events arise. Tap below to Learn More.

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The PharmacyCare™ Experience program is powered by our “Care Experience Team,” a group of Passionate Experience Centered Pharmacists. Learn how our membership coverage program is uniquely designed for you.


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